Membership of the Rosary Group is open to Brothers, Wives, Family Members and Widows. Widows find it especially helpful as it gives them a connection with their late husband’s Circle.

Obligation of membership: to pray at least One Decade of the Holy Rosary every day. (One Our Father, Ten Hail Mary’s and One Glory Be). No penalty if the decade is missed. The petition could be your own intentions or for ‘Our Lady’s Intentions’ except in May when it will be for ‘The Catenian Association and Those Taking Office’. 

We will not be taking and recording any more applications by email or post due in part to recent legislation (General Data Protection Regulations – GDPR) but we are sure that Our Blessed Lady will be noting your membership!


Rosaries Abroad

In early January 2009 the Catenian Rosary Group received an e-mail from Deacon Tony Cunningham, a Catenian working with Aboriginal people in a poor diocese in the Northern Territory of Australia. He said he had an urgent need for Rosaries. This need was reported in a letter to the Catenian monthly magazine, Catena, and the response was amazing. Within four months Tony had received over 5,000 Rosaries and the numbers grew and grew. Deacon Tony reported many lapsed Catholics, both Aboriginal and white, have returned to their faith due to the Rosaries. Apparently many Aboriginals have a strong devotion to Our Lady. Eventually Tony had sufficient Rosaries for his immediate needs so attention turned to the Catenian Circles (branches) in Africa. Johannesburg Circle acts a distributer to ensure that the Rosaries go where they are needed (and are not hijacked by governments who would steal and sell them!). The countries they go to include Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia. All these countries reported a similar success as with Australia but it will require more searching of drawers and cupboards to supply their needs! In recent times, Australia’s requirement has been increased with the arrival of many refugee boats and so overall demand continues to outstrip supply. 

Since 2002 and up to April 2024, we have supplied 574,690 Rosaries for Missionary needs and 48,330 Rosaries to Prison Chaplains in England and Wales and 166,000 Rosaries to primary school children worldwide. This makes a grand total of 789,120 distributed Rosaries to help spread Our Blessed Lady’s message of Love, Peace and Hope.

Please send spare or surplus Rosaries or alternatively donations to buy Rosaries for Missions or Prisons to: Mike Bunting, Rivendell, Denbigh Road, MOLD, Flintshire CH7 1BL. Telephone number 01352 753736, email tackems@talktalk.net